New dimension of skin tightening with Thermage®-FLX

By aging, the collagen fibers of our skin break down quicker than they are reproduced. As a result, our skin loses elasticity and becomes flabby. Wrinkles are the result.

The non-invasive radiofrequency therapy “Thermage®-FLX” stimulates the collagen production and thus minimizes wrinkles caused by aging. During the therapy, an electrically charged field is created on your skin, so that the lower skin layer “dermis” is heated up to a temperature of 55-60° Celsius. While the dermis is heated, the upper skin layer “epidermis” is cooled to be protected. The induced warming of the tissue leads to a splitting of the hydrogen bonds to change the structure of the collagen. The stimulated collagen production leads to a slow and steady, yet natural, lifting of your skin in a period of only 3-6 months. By using “Thermage®-FLX” we can rejuvenate your face, reduce wrinkles and overhanging eyelids, lift your chin and much more. Even the treatment of the entire body is possible.

First results are seen immediately after the therapy. Of course, you can put make-up on your face straight away after the treatment and live life as usual.

The new way of wrinkle treatment – contact us:
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AND … – With just one Thermage®-FLX treatment a long-lasting effect is achieved – up to 3 years.

AND … – Immediately after treatment, you will have a fresh and vital appearance, you will be able to pursue your usual activities directly.

AND … – the effect slowly builds up over 9 months (immediate effect 20%)

AND …- Its appearance looks the same as it did 10 years ago after the treatment has ended.


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