Crosslinking Treatment for Keratoconus

The standard crosslinking can be performed on an outpatient basis, takes approximately 60 min with preparation and is done under local anesthesia. In a first step the uppermost layer of the cornea, the epithelium, is removed. This is necessary so that the riboflavin eye drops (vitamin B2) can enter the cornea. Subsequently, the cornea is treated with UV-A light. Finally, the eye gets antibiotic eye drops and tear substitutes for better wound healing.

Different types of crosslinking

Accelerated Crosslinking

Similar to the standard procedure, the entire cornea is irradiated. Only the irradiation time within the therapy was strongly reduced and amounts to 10 min.

Personalized Crosslinking/MOSAIC™

In addition to the irradiation time, the irradiation itself was optimized by creating an individual irradiation profile, so an optimal result can be achieved.

Refraktive Crosslinking/PiXL™

PiXL (Photorefractive Intrastromal Cross-Linking) is a modern non-invasive non-surgical vision correction procedure. It is performed by applying riboflavin (vitamin B2) eye drops to the cornea and illuminating it with UVA light, which cross-links the collagen fibers within the cornea, making it stronger, changing the shape and improving patient’s vision. The specific application of UVA for each patient takes into account the refractive error and corneal topography. 

PiXL is appropriate for patients with low myopia or hyperopia as a second line to conventional refractive surgeries (i.e. trans PRK, ICL, intraocular lens), and for patients who require correction of residual refractive error or refractive regression after conventional refractive surgeries.

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